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Meet Our Passionate Culinary Maestro

Starting out as a line cook, Chef Aryan honed his skills and nurtured his love for the art of cooking. His expertise flourished in the realm of breakfast cuisine, where he dedicated many years perfecting the art of creating morning delights that bring joy to every palate. 

Chef Aryan’s journey from line cook to Culinary maestro is a testament to his commitment to quality, taste, and the rich legacy passed down through generations. With each dish he crafts, he pays homage to the traditions that shaped him while embracing the contemporary flavors that define Saffron Indian Cafe. 

We invite you to join us at Saffron Indian Cafe and experience the passion and expertise that Chef Aryan brings to the heart of our kitchen. It’s a journey of flavors and traditions that we are excited to share with you. 

CHEF RAWAT - Saffron durham
CHEF RAWAT - Saffron Durham
Meet our


Chef Rawat's culinary journey began in 1991 at New Delhi's Imperial Hotel. He honed his skills at prestigious establishments worldwide and specialized in Dumpukt style cooking under Grand Master Chef Quereshi. He left his mark in the US at Tamarind and Saffron, recognized as a top 25 Triangle area restaurant. Chef Rawat's own restaurants in Raleigh and Cary earned acclaim, with the latter highlighted by News & Observer. He's cooked for dignitaries and earned recognition from the American Culinary Association. Chef Rawat's passion continues at Saffron Indian Cuisine in Cary, where he shares his expertise and delights diners with his culinary mastery, supported by his wife Mamta Rawat.

Manchuria - saffron durham
Chicken - SF Durham
Vegetable - Saffron Durham
Butter Chicken - Saffron Durham

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